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Types Of iPhone Repairs

iPhones have become so popular these days that most of the people are using it nowadays. iPhones provide you with many types of attractive features and this is why it has become so popular with most of the people. But the main problem with iPhones is that, they are extremely fragile and need a lot of caring while handling them. An accidental drop on to the floor can easily damage the iPhone. Binghamton iPhone repair shops can easily repair your broken iPhone. Mentioned below are some of the repairs that these shops can do it for you.

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LCD Screen replacement: LCD screen damage is the most common problem faced by most of the people. Screen damages are also of many types, some of them are repairable whereas some of them are replaceable. Small chips or damages to the screen can be repaired but a totaled blackout screen is hard to repair. You need to replace it with a genuine LCD screen.

Battery replacement: All the phones do run on battery. Battery acts as a storage which stores the electricity that is needed to operate the phone. But with some time, the battery also gets old and drains very quickly. So in that case, you need to replace your old battery with a new battery.

Charging port: Charging port is a simple slot that is connected to the motherboard with the help of connecting cables. Sometimes the pins of these slots do get loose or the connecting cables do get loose which results in slow charging as well as in no charging. These repair shops can repair the port or the cable whichever is damaged.